Thursday, August 9, 2012

New LibraryWorld Report Shows Average Age of Catalog

A new report is now available which shows users the average age of their collection. This report is a useful tool for libraries looking to keep their print material up-to-date respective to their individual collections. The report may be run on the entire catalog, or a find set can be defined to view the average age of a specific subject or catalog type. When run, results will display the total catalog records reported on, how many records contained a year in their publication field, and the average age of the collection.

To access the report, log in to your LibraryWorld account and access your library's page. Click Reports->Average Age of Collection Report (located in 'Other Reports').

Location of Avg. Age of Collection Report

If you would like run the report for a specifc find set, be sure to define that find set by executing a search on your main page before navigating to the Reports page. NOTE: this is a batch report which touches every catalog record. Please be patient as this type of report takes longer to run than most reports.