Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here are the results....

Thank you to everyone who took the LibraryWorld poll on new features. Close to a thousand customers participated in choosing and prioritizing over two dozen feature requests that were originally generated by LibraryWorld users.   The results are in.

The top five most requested new LibraryWorld features were:

1. Self checkout service so patrons can check items out themselves.
2. In OPAC provide spelling correction, “Did you mean.”
3. In circulation module place holds or reserves by patron name as option to patron number.
4. Allow use of Temp Due Date for renewals.
5. Add a 'print report' option to the Clipboard in Manage.
These five features are being implemented into our product development cycle for this year.  At the end of the year we will release a “report card,” which will let users know how each feature has performed and if any improvements are needed.

Many features that did not make it into the top five will be implemented during the normal development cycle.  One popular feature request was to allow the ability to circulate Ebooks to patrons.  Since Ebook circulation is something beyond a feature within the service, we will work with Ebook publishers to implement an industry standard solution.  

We are very excited for what’s to come here at LibraryWorld.  Thank you again for your continued support and feedback through this process.  

The LibraryWorld Team