Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Textbook and Inventory Enhancements

Although wasn’t designed as a heavy hitting inventory control or textbook management system, many of our customers use the service for just those purposes.   The combination of ease of use, great circulation features and low cost makes the service attractive for tracking material well beyond traditional library holdings.
We’ve asked our customers how we could make these tasks easier and created a set of features to that end.  Most are minor improvements in the service’s display and reports, but two are worth highlighting. 
When adding holdings, it is often time consuming to save a holding and return back to the catalog page just to add another holding to the same record.  A new ‘Save and Add Another Copy’ button has been added in the holding page to allow you to quickly add multiple copies.  

A new command in the circulation module called ‘Location’ now allows you to change the location of one or more items quickly by scanning in their barcode numbers.   This is extremely handy if you want to move holdings from a Textbook storage area  room to individual classes without checking out to specific students.   By using both the change Location and Checkout features you can track textbooks or items in a two layered approach.  First moving a set to a classroom and then checking out to a particular student.  Of course this works just as well for moving and tracking equipment to different locations.  

If you have any questions on how to use for textbook management or inventory control, please do not hesitate to call our sales office at 1-800-852-2777.   

The LibraryWorld Team