Monday, March 31, 2014

Temp Due Date Now Available for Renewal!

A second feature from our recent poll has been integrated into our service.  You can now set a Temp Due Date for renewals.  This new feature can be found in the circulation module using the Renew button.  Click on 'Temp Due Date' button to set a temporary due date.  Once set, the button will change to  'Clear Temp Due Date.'  The checkout temp due date and the renew temp due date are exactly the same.  Saving and clearing in one does the same for the other.  It is important to note that temp due date doesn't effect the Renew or the Renew All functions in the Patron module.

We're not counting but, two features down and three to go from the top 5 feature list.  Next up, report printing from the manage clipboard.

LibraryWorld Team

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Feature: Holds and Reserves by Patron Name

We are pleased to announce that one of the top feature requests in our recent poll has been implemented.  You can now place an item on hold or place a patron on a reserve list for an item by using the patron’s name instead of their barcode number.  This works in a similar fashion to the checkout procedure.  If there are multiple patrons with a similar name (it searches with right hand truncation so you can enter a partial name}, a list of names will appear.  Simply click the correct name and the process will continue.

Up next for development is allowing the temp due date to be used for renewing an item.