Friday, September 7, 2012

How LibraryWorld Keeps Your Data Safe

One important question that we work hard at LibraryWorld to address is the security of your data. For a cloud-based automation company, security of our customers data is of paramount importance to us, and we have gone to extensive measures to ensure that things stay that way. Users who are accustomed to storing their data locally on software drives often wonder how we can ensure that their data stays safe off-site. When we discuss security with our staff, we speak about three main areas of focus: the physical security of the drives themselves, data security as it relates to how the data is backed up, and access security, which limits access to data to only authorized viewers.

Physical security

LibraryWorld servers are housed on the 14th floor of a regional federal government offices building, which includes a Tier III Data Center protected by on-site officers, mantraps, biometrics, CCTV, key card controls and a Pre-action fire suppression system. Data centers house an organization's most valuable and irreplaceable information, so obtaining a secured environment with robust connectivity to colocate customer data was paramount. This is why we chose to partner with CoreSite and house our servers at an Internet Exchange Point, known as MAE-West.

Data Security

Library data is stored on RAID 1 Mirrored Solid State Drives. Backups are performed each night with archival backups kept for 4 days and monthly backups kept for 6 months. Backup data is stored off-site for location redundancy. This means that even if an unexpected event were to restrict our access to the main servers, your data would still be backed up and safe at an offsite location.

We believe our security provides as good or better privacy than most locally stored systems. In some ways, by the mere fact that the data is physically removed from local hands, there is a built-in level of security over locally stored, and locally tempted unauthorized access. This is an inherent benefit to cloud computing.

Access Security

Each library has a separate database where all records are stored. Records are not shared between library databases which might allow a user to access patron data in a library other than their own. You have to have a username and password that has rights to a specific library database to see the patrons and collection information for that library. Since the data is hosted in separated databases, even buggy code would find it extraordinarily hard to accidentally access patron information the user doesn't have read access to.

One final question that is often asked is whether or not LibraryWorld will restrict access to catalog and patron records if a membership is terminated.  There are no removal fees, no hidden loop holes--we keep your data safe as long as you are member of LibraryWorld and immediately release it back to you when you discontinue service. You can always export your catalog and patron records in standard formats. If your subscription times out and you do not want to renew, we will reactivate the subscription for a short time so you can export your data. We will allow access to catalog and patron information for up to one year after your subscription ends.

We are always open to feedback and questions, especially around the safety of your data. If you have any questions regarding the content discussed in this e-mail, please address your question to

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New LibraryWorld Report Shows Average Age of Catalog

A new report is now available which shows users the average age of their collection. This report is a useful tool for libraries looking to keep their print material up-to-date respective to their individual collections. The report may be run on the entire catalog, or a find set can be defined to view the average age of a specific subject or catalog type. When run, results will display the total catalog records reported on, how many records contained a year in their publication field, and the average age of the collection.

To access the report, log in to your LibraryWorld account and access your library's page. Click Reports->Average Age of Collection Report (located in 'Other Reports').

Location of Avg. Age of Collection Report

If you would like run the report for a specifc find set, be sure to define that find set by executing a search on your main page before navigating to the Reports page. NOTE: this is a batch report which touches every catalog record. Please be patient as this type of report takes longer to run than most reports.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The LibraryWorld Reports Application: Tips & FAQ's

The LibraryWorld Reports application provides valuable information on the status of your library's circulation records, patron records, and a host of other information. There are over two dozen reports available to users, so getting to know the ins and outs of our comprehensive reporting structure takes time and a bit of finesse. While we are constantly striving to increase the plasticity of these reports, understanding common challenges and basic navigation pathways can increase your efficiency and the accuracy of your reporting. LibraryWorld's Director of Customer Service, Susan Angley, knows these reports in and out and has contributed the following Tips and Frequently Asked Questions for your reference.
TIP:  Have you tried running the Library Status Report?
This is a great report that gives you a snapshot of your library. It provides separate counts of catalog vs. holding records, a collection valuation amount based on the prices in your holding records and counts of holding records by status(IN, OUT, etc). If you are using the Location and Collection fields in the holding records you will also see counts of holdings by location and collection. The report also includes a count of patron records by patron type. Lots of good information on one page!
 Top 2 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I designate which records I want to include on a report? 
If you don’t want to include all of the catalog or patron records on a report you must create a “find set” first.  A find set is simply the set of records that are the result of your last search.  You must create the find set before you go to the Reports page and select the report.  After the selecting the report you want, the next page will offer 3 options:
 All Records  means include all of the records on the report.
Find Set Only  means include only those records for which I searched on the Catalog or Patrons page.
None – Return to Reports Page  means don’t run the report.  Return to the previous page.

How do I manipulate a report outside of LibraryWorld? 
You can easily manipulate a completed LibraryWorld report by doing a copy/paste into a spreadsheet program like MS Excel.  Here are the step-by-step instructions:
 1.  After the entire report is displayed to the screen, copy the ENTIRE contents of the page – including the title of the report.  If you don’t include the title when copying, it will not paste correctly.
2.  Paste the contents of the report into an empty spreadsheet.  As long as you included the title of the report when copying, the data will go into separate columns as expected.
3.  Now you can manipulate the data any way you want.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Union Cataloging Draws Florida Technical College to LibraryWorld

At LibraryWorld we take a lot of pride in our work. Our team has decades of experience in the library automation and software business, and we care deeply for our customers. That is why we offer such a cutting edge product at the price we do, with the functionality and application we do: it's for you! A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of welcoming Florida Technical College (FTC) into the LibraryWorld family. FTC represents five campuses of like-minded individuals working toward the common goal of increased career potential and brighter futures. FTC was founded in 1982 to provide post-secondary training in specialized business fields. I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Mitchell McClay, the campus librarian at the FTC Deland campus, to hear from him first hand how moving his libraries to LibraryWorld has impacted the quality of the services he offers.

Tell me a little about the services your library offers, and why you were searching for a new service provider?

My role is working as the Campus Librarian at the FTC Deland campus. I provide library services to students, faculty and staff on a daily basis. I have been with FTC Deland since July 2006. I manage the all daily operations of the FTC Deland campus library which includes reference, collection development, acquisitions, cataloging, exam proctoring, and provide tutoring assistance to students on research papers and computer skills. I was selected to spear-head a project to develop an online Union Catalog that would be accessible from the World Wide Web.

How did you find LibraryWorld and why did you choose to sign up with our service?

LibraryWorld was recommended by a colleague of mine and I was sold on this product from the beginning. It is a very affordable platform for the great services that can be provided to any college library. Mr. Fred Zaccheo and Ms. Susan Angley have been just wonderful in promptly answering any questions or concerns I had addressed during this process.

Will you share some feedback on the customer service you received from the LibraryWorld team?

The customer service provided by the LibraryWorld team including Mr. Fred Zaccheo and Susan Angley was outstanding and prompt. They are true professionals who are dedicated to assisting your library with this implementation of LibraryWorld. One can “sense” their pride in this product and both are very friendly and positive individuals to deal with on the LibraryWorld team.

You mentioned union cataloging, how has this helped your libraries and patrons?

This has allowed students, staff, and faculty to easily access via online through the world wide web an ability to search individual catalogs at our five campuses or do a “Union” search of all five campuses at once in looking for resources. Fantastic product!

Thank you, Dr. McClay for sharing your experience with our customers. We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Florida Technical College has many great programs to offer and is expanding into additional online programs at the associate and bachelor levels. A great value for the outstanding educational training and preparation for future employment! Check out our weblink: 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

LibraryWorld doubles storage space for standard membership

The value of the LibraryWorld's online subscription has been increased substantially this week with the expansion of the storage capacity for standard membership subscribers. For the yearly price of $425 users can now store up to 100,000 records per library and 40,000 patron records. In April LibraryWorld rolled out a .pdf & .jpeg attachment feature allowing users to attach files up to 512k to their library catalog records. That storage capacity has now been increased from 1,000 to 2,000 records.

"At LibraryWorld we are constantly pushing to make our product the most accessible, affordable, and cutting edge library automation tool available on the Internet," says LibraryWorld's CEO Norman Kline. "The choice to double the storage space for our users shows our commitment to achieving this goal. We are excited to watch our over 3,000 libraries worldwide grow and welcome new members to our online service."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LibraryWorld Mobile App Now Includes Hold Feature

Our LibraryWorld iPhone, iPad, and Android apps have been upgraded to allow users to place items on hold. We have also included some user interface upgrades. All apps are free for public use, so encourage your patrons to use this great tool. If you already have the app, don't forget to update!

The LibraryWorld Mobile App was designed to allow library patrons to:
  • Place items on hold **New Feature**
  • search their home library
  • view book jackets
  • check the status of circulation items
  • access a clipboard feature allowing for search tracking

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LibraryWorld and Pearson Announce ISV Partnership

Today, we are pleased to announce a Pearson partnership with LibraryWorld and introduce Library Pro users to the online service. LibraryWorld provides a full range of library applications including catalog, circulation, inventory, serial tracking, and online patron access. More than 2,700 libraries already use LibraryWorld to automate collections, including schools, colleges, public libraries, and a wide range of special libraries and information centers.

As you may already know, LibraryWorld is the original developer of Library Pro so we are more than familiar with the software you are currently using! In the coming days, a representative from LibraryWorld will be contacting you to discuss the logistics of seamlessly migrating from Library Pro to the online service by June 1, 2013.  This date is especially important, as Pearson will no longer support Library Pro after September 1, 2013.

LibraryWorld allows you to:
  • Log in to your library from anywhere in the world
  • Access millions of free MARC records for cataloguing purposes
  • Attach book jacket covers to catalog records
  • View linked web resources including e-books, PDF’s, images, and more
  • Receive product enhancements instantly
Cost Considerations:
  • Conversion from Library Pro to is free
  • The annual cost for a single library is $425 USD
  • Pearson will refund any unused maintenance for Library Pro

The conversion to LibraryWorld is easy and free. In addition, your annual maintenance and support costs will decrease! To date, LibraryWorld’s technical staff has successfully converted more than 1,000 libraries just like yours.information.

We understand that there will be questions, so please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-852-2777, or send an email to


Norman Kline
CEO, LibraryWorld Inc.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Save the Date: LibraryWorld attends 2012 CLA and CSLA Conferences

LibraryWorld is hitting the road in November 2012 and we would love to see you. Granted, the road will be short (we just need to walk across the street in both cases), but nevertheless we are looking forward to spreading the word about LibraryWorld's great automation service. If you plan to attend either the CLA or the CSLA conferences please stop by our booth to say hello.

Save the Date:

November 2-4: California Library Association Annual Conference, San Jose Convention Center

November 16-19: California School Library Association Annual Conference, Mariott Hotel, San Jose
*Special reception for LibraryWorld customers is being planned, please stay tuned for details

Monday, April 23, 2012

What 'going digital' has meant to one LibraryWorld customer

LibraryWorld recently welcomed Simon Sanchez High School in Guam to our customer family. We were thrilled when we were sent this wonderful article about what 'going digital' has meant to the community: easier access, availability of electronic documents, ebooks, and enhanced features for patrons. We're happy that this software is making a difference!

Yigo high school's library goes digital

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LibraryWorld Service Changes

Our goal at LibraryWorld is to provide the most cost effective professional library service on the market. We believe we have accomplished and exceeded this goal. Over the last four years our Standard pricing has remained at $395 per year while the features and capabilities of the service have significantly increased. After careful consideration, we have determined that a price increase has become warranted to enable us to invest in the technology and staffing necessary to continue to enhance the service.

We understand that any price change impacts our customers and can cause some budgeting challenges, so we want to give as much lead time as possible. Therefore, we are announcing now that as of January 2013, the renewal price for LibraryWorld Standard service will be raised from $395 to $425 per year. This amounts to an increase of less than 8%.  Significant discounts for multi-year renewals will still be available and, if used, can offset this increase. The pricing will take effect for new customers immediately.

Our policy going forward will be modified to implement smaller yearly increases so customers can plan their budgets appropriately without unexpected jumps. We are estimating future yearly increases to be roughly 1% to 2% per year.

We are honored by your trust in our ability to provide innovative technology for your library and will continue to work hard to earn that trust.

Norman Kline
CEO, LibraryWorld, Inc.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Attach .jpeg and .pdf Files to Catalog Records

LibraryWorld users can now attach digital documents to individual catalog records. Supported file types are .jpeg and .pdf. Size limit per file is 512k up to 1,000 files per account. To start attaching files to your records today, follow these three easy steps.

Step 1: Open the catalog record you would like to attach a file to and click 'Add File'.

Step 2: Attach the desired .jpeg or .pdf feature in the attachment window. Read the tips and hints on the page carefully. Remember, the file size limit is 512k.

Step 3: Confirm that the correct file has been attached, and add the thumbnail image as the cover image for the record [if desired].

Tips on file compression:

Free .jpeg compression
5 tips on reducing .pdf file size

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LibraryWorld Announces the Ability to Attach Digital Documents to Catalog Records

On Thursday, March 29th LibraryWorld will enhance its catalog application to allow users to attach PDF and JPEG documents to catalog records.

Multiple PDF and JPEG documents can be attached directly to catalog records. Thumbnails of both PDF and JPEG files are displayed to provide instant feedback on the contents of each document. Thumbnails of a PDF or JPEG file can be used as the book jacket image for a catalog record.

Libraries with Standard service subscriptions can store up to 1,000 files and each file can be up to 512K in size.

Patrons will be able to view attached documents, thumbnails and full expanded files through the online patron access catalog (OPAC) application.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Realia' record type added

LibraryWorld Realia Object

The category type "Realia" refers to any 3-dimensional object that occurs in real life. Another definition by a New York Times author refers to Realia as "eccentricity worth preserving." What an exciting classification term! Over the past few years Realia objects have grown increasingly popular [and relevant] to many library collections. University libraries will often receive donations that include non-text items relevant to the story of that collection. Special libraries often obtain preserved animal specimen, old photographs, musical instruments, the list goes on and on. The diversity that the category type allows for requires careful cataloging (how does one, for instance, write a catalog description for a lock of Sylvia Plath's hair?) to be sure. But with the increasingly rich world of multimedia objects the Realia classification appears to be an important option to offer our customers.

To create a new Realia record, navigate to the Catalog app from your main library page. Click 'New Record', and select the 'Realia Object' from the first option on the far right of your screen.

Once clicked you will be prompted to manually enter the catalog information. Please note that the 'medium' field has been auto filled as Realia for you. You can also create a Realia record via the 'Material Type' descriptions, which provide general definitions for each material type classification option available to LibraryWorld customers.

Happy Cataloging!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

LibraryWorlds new features: a user perspective

As we have mentioned before on this blog, we love hearing from you! Your feedback is motivating us to develop new features and upgrades at an inspired pace. That is why when Holland Kessinger from the Edmund L. and Nancy K. Dubois Library at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego wrote to us with some feedback on the new features we had to know more. Holland was nice enough to acquiesce our request and shared some terrific insights on taking her library to the cloud, and how the new features have enhanced the user experience of her patrons.

Q: Can you share one unique fact or feature of your library?
A: The Dubois Library is one of the largest photography libraries in the country. It’s collection is incredibly diverse and includes more than 500 rare books, hundreds of periodicals, auction catalogs, annuals, ephemera, calendars, artist books, and more. It is an amazing resource of materials on photography!

Q: How has taking your library to the cloud impacted your library?
Dubois Library, Museum of Photographic Arts
A: As for taking the library to the cloud, it has worked amazingly well for our library. As a solo staff member of a small library with an even smaller budget, I need to focus time and energy on meeting the information needs of our visitors, not on dealing with hardware and software issues. I’ve had very few instances where the catalog was inaccessible due to servers being down. And, I don’t worry about data lock-in; the few exports I’ve done from the catalog have been very easy and straightforward.

Q: So how have the new features (Google Book Preview, OPAC listings) enhanced the services your library provides?
A: I think it’s pretty obvious that Amazon and Google have had a significant impact on how we search and view information. Users of our online catalog expect to see more than just bibliographic information; they want lots and lots of images, book teases, previews, added content, etc. Google Book Preview meets this expectation and makes the information gathering process a more robust experience. The new “Recently Added Titles” encourages visitors to return again and again to see how the Library collection is constantly expanding. Both of these new features just enhance the whole experience for users of the catalog, and helps us keep pace with what is happening all over the Internet.

Holland's point about aesthetics is well taken. People expect their user interface to look and feel like their favorite sights on the Internet, and offer the same conviniences. At the bottom of the Dubois Library's homepage there are links to our iphone app, integrated social media widgets, and a link to Holland's terrific OPAC page, which is fully customized and inviting to the patrons of her library.

If you would like to have your library success story featured on this blog, please e-mail for more information.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Improved feature: Patron Import

Now you can customize the column order when importing patron records.

This means that you are no longer required to populate the spreadsheet that LibraryWorld sends when importing patron data. Instead, match the column number on your spreadsheet to the appropriate data field in the patron import application.

For example, I export my patron records in the required tab delimited format. The Excel spreadsheet needs to be saved as TEXT. The data included in this document is: Column A--Bar Code, Column B--Name, Column C--Organization, Column D--Branch, and so on.

All I need to do to accurately import this record into my library is login to my LibraryWorld account, click on 'patrons' in the left nav bar of the main page, select the 'import' tab on the upper portion of the screen, and match the data fields with the appropriate column labels.

Based on the example information above, here is what my screen should look like before importing:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Important Announcement: All links switch to New Look on March 5th

Important Announcement
All LibraryWorld links will switch from the Old Look to the New Look on March 5th.

What this means for you:

  • All remaining static and/or embedded LibraryWorld links will be coded to point to the New Look.
  • When you access your user main page you will see our improved layout design, easier navigation.
  • No record information or catalog data will be affected or altered by this change.
  • For a complete list of New Look changes, please read our blog
What this means for your patrons:
  • OPAC navigation is not impacted by these changes. 
  • Patrons will notice two enhancements to their OPAC searching experience
  • Both the Google Book Preview and Recently Added Titles are optional features that can be turned on or off. Click the links above to learn how to control each feature through your settings panel.

Who uses LibraryWorld?

Ever wonder who uses LibraryWorld?

There are 3,000 LibraryWorld users worldwide, including libraries in ALL 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam, Canada, India, and Pakistan.

Here is a breakdown of our users by Library type. Want some examples from each type? Click here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recently Added Titles now available for OPAC users

Greetings from the LibraryWorld news desk!

This week, we wanted to draw your attention to a great feature that was included in the release of LibraryWorld's new look: viewing the 5 most recently added titles. This view is available both from your main login page and in the OPAC user interface. The feature is a default setting for all new libraries and will automatically display on your personal login page, but if you have been with us for a while you will need to activate it for OPAC users. Once activated, the 5 most recent titles will display for your patrons to browse. There is a 'more' link available to bring up additional titles.

The feature can be turned for your OPAC users through the 'Settings' page. From your main login screen, navigate to the settings page from the links on the left side of the page. Once in settings, click 'OPAC' to go to OPAC settings. Select 'Y' from the drop down menu next to "OPAC Show Recent Titles" to turn this feature on for your patrons. While you are there, you should also activate the Google Book Preview feature. See our post on the Google Book Preview feature by clicking here. To save the chances, click the 'submit' button. See the screen show below for visual reference.

This is what your patrons will see when they navigate to the OPAC page.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A summary of our new features

January was a busy month for us at LibraryWorld full of new feature releases, the roll out of a brand new look for LibraryWorld, and a lot of listening to your feedback. Here is a summary of the new features that have been implemented in the past month:

1. LibraryWorld's new look:
Everyone should be seeing these changes as we switched over on Feb 1.  This upgrade features a new user interface, improved navigation and increased social media connections.

2. Google Book Previews:
Google Book Previews provide a quick way to view a summary and often contents of a book. You can turn this feature on for the catalog application in the Settings General page. You can also turn this feature on for OPAC users in the Settings OPAC page.

3. Lost and Found feature:
Perhaps the most eagerly awaited addition, the 'lost' command changes the status of a holding to 'LOST', creates a log entry for tracking the number of lost holdings over time and (if the holding was checked out) displays an owed transaction window to charge the patron the price of the holding. You are given the options to charge, mark as paid, or forgive.

4. The LibraryWorld Android App:
Now searching your library is easier than ever! The LibraryWorld search App is now available for your Android mobile phone. Like the iPhone and iPad apps, the LibraryWorld app for Android is offered free of charge to you and your patrons. Users can now search their home library, view book jackets, and check status of circulation items.

5. Search by record type:
Now users can search and browse their collection-specific record types independent from individual record titles. There are two main ways to access this search feature. Within the catalog app, you can roll over the 'Show' button to access a drop down menu of record types for a quick view of all library records associated with the selected record type. You can perform this same search function through the 'Catalog Advanced Search'.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upgraded feature announcement: Now you can search by record type

The past few weeks have been exciting at the LibraryWorld office. We are in a period of rapid development and integration of new features, working hard to make sure that LibraryWorld remains the bellwether for other cloud-based library automation services. Many of the changes that we have been developing are inspired by you, the customers who use our services every day, in all 50 states and abroad. Your feedback prompted our Lost/Found feature, and has also expedited the release of our newest feature: filtering search results by record type.

We have a large number of specialty libraries, museums, and academic institutions who catalog a wide variety of media. Now users can search and browse their collection-specific record types independent from individual record titles. There are two main ways to access this search feature. Within the catalog app, you can roll over the 'Show' button to access a drop down menu of record types for a quick view of all library records associated with the selected record type. You can perform this same search function through the 'Catalog Advanced Search'. Enter search terms in the appropriate fields and filter your results by specific record type.

Drop down menu in Catalog app

Search feature in Advanced Search

Please stay tuned to this blog and Facebook for more updates in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reminder: LibraryWorld switches to New Look on Feb 1

We wanted to share a quick reminder that LibraryWorld will be permanently switching over to its 'New Look' on February 1st. You will see the updated changes when you login on February 2nd. If you haven't tried out the new look yet, click the "Use New Look" link on the upper right hand side of your main login page. To help facilitate this transition, you will be able to Toggle back and forth between the looks for 30 days following the transition.

These updates will not affect your OPAC settings at all. They are meant to improve navigation, add additional features such as Google Book Preview and Lost/Found tracking, and serve as a platform for ongoing updates.

If you have any questions about these changes please call 1-800-852-2777

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introducing the LibraryWorld Android App

One of the largest benefits a cloud-based library automation system offers library managers and patrons is mobility. By using LibraryWorld's service your access to circulation records is not limited by the four walls of your physical location. You can login at work, at home, and on your iPhone or iPad. Today, we are  excited to announce that we are expanding that mobility by making the LibraryWorld search App available for your Android mobile phone. Like the iPhone and iPad apps, the LibraryWorld app for Android is offered free of charge to you and your patrons. And while it somewhat pains our Apple-pedigreed CEO Norman to say this--we think this app is pretty darn good.

The app was designed to allow library patrons to:
  • search their home library
  • view book jackets
  • check the status of circulation items
  • access a clipboard feature allowing for search tracking

LibraryWorld Android App Screenshot

Happy Searching!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You asked, we listened: our new "Lost and Found" feature

At LibraryWorld, we take your feedback seriously. Whether it is received via our social media outlets (connect with us on Facebook here), our expert customer service department, or through our sales team we value what you have to say. As a result of your feedback, we are happy to annouce that LibraryWorld's new look will now include a "Lost and Found" feature! Many of you have requested this feature, so we hope that you find it helpful in maintaining accurate circulation records.

Here are some details on the Lost and Found feature:

The lost command changes the status of a holding to 'LOST', creates a log entry for tracking the number of lost holdings over time and (if the holding was checked out) displays an owed transaction window to charge the patron the price of the holding. You are given the options to charge, mark as paid, or forgive.

A new lost holdings report is available on the reports page to display all lost holdings by call number. The circulation activity report has also been upgraded to show the number of lost and found holdings over time.

You can mark a holding as LOST when viewing the holding in the catalog or patron modules.

If you check in a holding that had been lost the holding's status will be changed from LOST to IN, the amount charged to the patron for the loss will be removed, and if overdue a fine window will appear allowing the option to charge a late fee. A 'Found' circulation log record will be created to track the number of found holdings over time.

Additionally, the status report now includes column for Lost and Found and the circulation activity report allows you to track changes over time.

As always, please send us your comments and feedback!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

LibraryWorld's Google Book Preview feature

As most of you know by now, last week we officially announced LibraryWorld's new look. While we are permanently making the switch effective February 1st, we wanted to give you a little time to interact with the new look and try out some of the new features. If you still haven't checked it out, you can view the new look here.

The first element that you will notice is the visual layout of your library's main page. Sometimes, keeping things simple takes a lot of time to get right. We made an extra effort to increase the efficiency with which you can navigate between the key applications that LibraryWorld offers. Still new to LibraryWorld and feel like you need more information about the applications we offer? We have included a 'more info' link to most application pages next to the page title that takes you to a detailed description of how each application can function for you and your patrons.

Our Google Preview function within your OPAC is something we are truly excited about, as it provides added value to your patrons’ search experience and highlights the strength of the Internet as a tool for your library patrons. Google Book Previews provide a quick way to view a summary and often contents of a book. We have provided a link to the service if your catalog record contains an ISBN number. You can turn this feature on for the catalog application in the Settings General page. You can also turn this feature on for OPAC users in the Settings OPAC page.

Here is an example of what your patrons will see when you have this feature enabled:

OPAC screenshot of MARC21 record
When patrons click on the 'Google Preview' link, they will be directed here

Have fun getting familiar with these new changes to LibraryWorld, and know that there are many more exciting announcements to come. In fact, we are working hard to put the finishing touches on a new feature that many of you have asked for. Keep your eyes peeled to this blog and our Facebook page for that announcement sometime next week.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Look for LibraryWorld

We are excited to announce the release of LibraryWorld Version 3.0. This upgrade features a new user interface, improved navigation and increased social media connections. Version 3.0 will also provide a platform for many new features including lost book tracking and Google Book previews. We will be permanently switching to our New Look on February 1st, but you can click on the link here to try out the new look before February 1st. If you are a LibraryWorld subscriber you can also switch back and forth using the link at the top right side of your account page called 'Use New Look' and 'Use Classic Look'.

We believe the new look will make the service easier and faster to use and will allow us to add more features in the future. The OPAC user interface will stay the same, so there is no need to 're-train' patrons searching your collection. All of the basic features are the same so there should be no disruption to your work flow.

Be sure to connect with us via Facebook to receive additional announcements and to share your thoughts on the new look!