Friday, December 25, 2015

New Simple Barcode Label Printing Feature

We are pleased to announce that LibraryWorld now supports simple barcode printing on Avery stock 5160.  The service has always supported ‘smart’ bar code labels.  

Smart labels include information such as the title, author and call number.  That is why they are called ‘Smart’.    Simple labels only include the barcode number and the name of the library. 

Both types of labels have their advantages.  Smart labels have this extra information, but the data must already be in the system before printing and the labels are printed on local printers.   Simple barcodes are normally printed in high quality printers off-site and on special stock.  Most libraries use the simple labels because they can be easier to use.  Any barcode can go on any item as  long as the associate record is  updated to match it.  They are usually of higher quality.  The downside is that they have to be ordered, which takes time and there is a minimum amount.  

The new feature provides a great option for small libraries or when you simply need labels right now!  The feature could not be easier to use.  Enter the starting number, the number of labels you need, the library name; press print and  you have barcode labels.   

Are you limited to labeling just library material.  No, feel free to use the system to label any item that needs an inventory number.   It is just a cool useful feature. 

We still recommend ordering simple labels form a printer if you need high quality labels,  large quantities, or when you required special coding formats.    Which type of label you choose is really up to  you, but we are happy to provide another option.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Self Service Program

The new self service circulation program is now available. Although it is still a work in progress, we felt it would benefit from wider beta-testing.

The feature is designed for those libraries and locations where patrons are allowed to check out and check in materials at a dedicated self service station. It is also designed to allow someone to perform basic circulation activity without access to the main management program. There are limitations to the service. No renewing is allowed. Items that are on a reserve list or on hold cannot be checked in or checked out. If an item is overdue and there is a fine, the item must be checked in at the normal circulation station.

To access the self service login page go to: Self Service

Normally this URL "" would be setup as a shortcut on a computer station that is not used by management staff.