Thursday, November 14, 2013

AASL Press Release

Contact: Fred Zaccheo
LibraryWorld, Inc.
800-852-2777 x 203

LibraryWorld Introduces a New Two Tier Pricing Model
A Terrific Opportunity for Those with Small Collections

AASL Conference--November 14, 2013, Hartford, CT.

During the next month, LibraryWorld will be announcing a new two tier pricing model. The new Standard service is the result of hundreds of requests to provide a small basic service for a variety of environments including: school classrooms, professional office centers, and academic collections. The new free ‘Standard’  service  will be available with limited storage and be supported by online ads.   The new Standard service will include a limit of 500 records per library and restrict sharing of book jacket images and permissions.  But generally, all management and OPAC features will be available to this free ‘Ad’ supported service.

The LibraryWorld current Standard service will be renamed “Premium”.  No other changes to this service will occur except for the name.   If you subscribe to the ‘Old’ Standard service, you’ll see the plan’s name change to ‘Premium’.   If you have needs for small collections to be managed outside of your ‘Premium’ library, you will be free to create those additional free Standard libraries.   Up to five Standard libraries can be created per user account.  The new Standard libraries cannot be shared with other user’s for management purposes.  Only the owner will be able to access a standard or free library; although an unlimited number of patrons can still search using the OPAC service.

“We are really excited to be able to offer this level of service not only for our existing users, but also for all small libraries, archives, and collections everywhere,” said LibraryWorld CEO Norm Kline.  “Cost is no longer an obstacle for teachers with classroom collections or other professionals who need to post their collections on the web.” added Kline.  

LibraryWorld has been offering quality Library Automation products since 1986.  Founder, Norman Kline, started the company (then named CASPR, Inc.) in his own garage while still developing the prototype for the Apple Computer Corporate Library in Cupertino, CA.  The LibraryWorld Online service is the result and culmination of more than 25 years of Library Automation software experience.  

For more, please go to  Or, call 800-852-2777 and press extension 203 for the LibraryWorld Sales and Information office.