Monday, February 4, 2013

New Catalog Duplicate and Replace Features

When cataloging new records using the Z39.50 searching feature, the service will now check for duplicates when displaying the set of of found records.   Duplicate matching is done by ISBN values.

If you already have a catalog record that matches your search, then two additional commands are displayed: Edit Matched Record and Replace Matched Record.

You can do four actions at this point:

  1. The matched record may not actually be something you are looking for so you can just ignore and move on.
  2. You can edit your matched original record and simply add one or more holding records instead of adding a another catalog record.  Or, you may simply want to edit to view the record to see how complete it is.  After viewing the record you can click on  the 'Add a New Record' link to return to the 'Adding New Catalog Records page'.  There is a new link provided to redisplay the last search you performed. The matched record should be there.  You can decide now what is the best course of action.
  3. You may decide that the original record was not up to your standards or was done with a brief record on purpose.  Use the Replace matched record link to replace your original record.   This will replace the ENTIRE original catalog record but will not touch the holding records or digital files attached to the record.   It will also provide a new control number value in field 001 and new date in field 005.   One warning.  Links to web pages are stored in 856 fields and they will be replaced along with other MARC fields.  
  4. Lastly, you might decide, for various reasons, to add the matched catalog record again as a new record.  

We hope you enjoy the new duplicate checking and replacing features.   They should make it easier to catalog multiple copies of volumes and update MARC records that were briefly cataloged.


The LibraryWorld Team