Friday, October 31, 2014

Wrap Up on New Features

Earlier this year we asked for your help in determining which new features you would like to see implemented into our service.  Close to a thousand customers participated in choosing and prioritizing over two dozen feature requests that were originally generated by LibraryWorld users.
The top five most requested features were:

1. Self checkout service so patrons can check items out themselves.
We have decided not to implement a complete standalone self checkout system at this time, but will continue to study the issues.  However, by setting up a user account with just checkout permissions, you can create a 'Check Out Only' station.  To find out more go to Help at the top of the LibraryWorld page and enter 'Self Checkout'.  Step by step instructions are provided.

2. In OPAC provide spelling correction, “Did you mean.”
To access this new feature, simply log into the OPAC service.  Once logged into the service you can search for a catalog record according to title, author, subject, etc.  Spell checking and word recommendations are available in the standard search and simple search pages.  It is not available at this time in advanced searching. 

3. In the circulation module place holds or reserves by patron name as option to patron number.
You can now place an item on hold or place a patron on a reserve list for an item by using the patron’s name instead of their barcode number.  This works in a similar fashion to the checkout procedure.  If there are multiple patrons with a similar name, a list of names will appear.  Simply click the correct name and the process will continue.  

4. Allow use of Temp Due Date for renewals.
The Temp Due Date feature can be found in the circulation module using the Renew button.  Click on the ‘Temp Due Date’ button to set a temporary due date. Once set, the button will change to ‘Clear Temp Due Date.”  The checkout temp due date and the renew temp due date are exactly the same.  Saving and Clearing in one does the same for the other.  It is important to note that temp due date doesn’t affect the Renew or Renew All function in the patron module. 

5. Add a ‘print report’ option to the Clipboard in Manage.  
We have added a ‘print report’ option to the Clipboard in Manage.  Simply add items to your clipboard and use the new ‘Print’ link to create a new page with the records.  

We would just like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our ‘New Features’ poll.  We always appreciate feedback on ways in which we can improve upon our current service.  

We will be conducting another ‘New Features’ poll in January.  We will inform you how to go about submitting your feature requests.  These request’s will then be compiled into a poll and be voted upon by you.  We will announce the results and be sure to update you whenever one of the features is integrated into our service.