Monday, December 26, 2016

Customize your Z39.50 Server List

LibraryWorld has a list of Z39.50 servers that you can search and pull catalog records from; including the Library of Congress. In the past, this list was a fixed list. Recently, we have upgraded the program to allow you to remove or add servers from a larger master list.

This feature allows you to remove servers that clearly are not useful to your cataloging operations and add those that are. Although the master list is limited to about 15 servers we have tested for quality and uptime, we'll be greatly expanding that list in the coming months.

To customize the list, go to the New Record page in the Catalog module and click on 'Customize Server List'. A larger master list will appear and you can select or unselect each one. The Library of Congress server always remains as the first option in your list and cannot be removed.