Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LibraryWorld Service Changes

Our goal at LibraryWorld is to provide the most cost effective professional library service on the market. We believe we have accomplished and exceeded this goal. Over the last four years our Standard pricing has remained at $395 per year while the features and capabilities of the service have significantly increased. After careful consideration, we have determined that a price increase has become warranted to enable us to invest in the technology and staffing necessary to continue to enhance the service.

We understand that any price change impacts our customers and can cause some budgeting challenges, so we want to give as much lead time as possible. Therefore, we are announcing now that as of January 2013, the renewal price for LibraryWorld Standard service will be raised from $395 to $425 per year. This amounts to an increase of less than 8%.  Significant discounts for multi-year renewals will still be available and, if used, can offset this increase. The pricing will take effect for new customers immediately.

Our policy going forward will be modified to implement smaller yearly increases so customers can plan their budgets appropriately without unexpected jumps. We are estimating future yearly increases to be roughly 1% to 2% per year.

We are honored by your trust in our ability to provide innovative technology for your library and will continue to work hard to earn that trust.

Norman Kline
CEO, LibraryWorld, Inc.

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