Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feature Suggestions

During the last few years we’ve implemented some amazing features in LibraryWorld.    We will be sending out a poll in the next few weeks asking you to rank which new features you would like to see in the service.   We have our favorite list, but we think our customers might have theirs too!  So we would like to do a poll to get feed back.   Before doing the poll, we need your input on what features you would like listed.    So this is your chance.  Use the comments link below to send one or more features.  Be brief, one sentence per feature.   We will combine the features and do an online poll where everyone will get a chance to pick their top 5 choices.   We’ll announce the TOP 5 and do another poll to find out which is the number one choice.   Of course we’ll be doing many new features in 2014, but this will drive much of our development efforts.  

Thank you again for all your support.

The LibraryWorld Team.

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