Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Maximum Fine Per Item Feature

You can now set a maximum fine per overdue item that overrides the library fine policies.

To set the maximum fine per item, go to the Settings->Policies page. Click on the 'Edit Default Values' link. A new field called 'Default Maximum Fine Per Overdue Item' appears. Leave it blank if you do not want a maximum fine. Enter a value to set a maximum fine. This amount will override any fines that are greater than that value when checking items in. Fines less than the value will not be effected. Fines already charged will also not be effected.

Here is a side benefit of the feature. If you want to check many books in without charging fines, you could set the Max Fine to '0.00' and check them in. Just make sure you go back and clear the value afterwards.

The LibraryWorld Team

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