Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upgraded feature announcement: Now you can search by record type

The past few weeks have been exciting at the LibraryWorld office. We are in a period of rapid development and integration of new features, working hard to make sure that LibraryWorld remains the bellwether for other cloud-based library automation services. Many of the changes that we have been developing are inspired by you, the customers who use our services every day, in all 50 states and abroad. Your feedback prompted our Lost/Found feature, and has also expedited the release of our newest feature: filtering search results by record type.

We have a large number of specialty libraries, museums, and academic institutions who catalog a wide variety of media. Now users can search and browse their collection-specific record types independent from individual record titles. There are two main ways to access this search feature. Within the catalog app, you can roll over the 'Show' button to access a drop down menu of record types for a quick view of all library records associated with the selected record type. You can perform this same search function through the 'Catalog Advanced Search'. Enter search terms in the appropriate fields and filter your results by specific record type.

Drop down menu in Catalog app

Search feature in Advanced Search

Please stay tuned to this blog and Facebook for more updates in the coming weeks.

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