Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A summary of our new features

January was a busy month for us at LibraryWorld full of new feature releases, the roll out of a brand new look for LibraryWorld, and a lot of listening to your feedback. Here is a summary of the new features that have been implemented in the past month:

1. LibraryWorld's new look:
Everyone should be seeing these changes as we switched over on Feb 1.  This upgrade features a new user interface, improved navigation and increased social media connections.

2. Google Book Previews:
Google Book Previews provide a quick way to view a summary and often contents of a book. You can turn this feature on for the catalog application in the Settings General page. You can also turn this feature on for OPAC users in the Settings OPAC page.

3. Lost and Found feature:
Perhaps the most eagerly awaited addition, the 'lost' command changes the status of a holding to 'LOST', creates a log entry for tracking the number of lost holdings over time and (if the holding was checked out) displays an owed transaction window to charge the patron the price of the holding. You are given the options to charge, mark as paid, or forgive.

4. The LibraryWorld Android App:
Now searching your library is easier than ever! The LibraryWorld search App is now available for your Android mobile phone. Like the iPhone and iPad apps, the LibraryWorld app for Android is offered free of charge to you and your patrons. Users can now search their home library, view book jackets, and check status of circulation items.

5. Search by record type:
Now users can search and browse their collection-specific record types independent from individual record titles. There are two main ways to access this search feature. Within the catalog app, you can roll over the 'Show' button to access a drop down menu of record types for a quick view of all library records associated with the selected record type. You can perform this same search function through the 'Catalog Advanced Search'.

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